2016 KAIST CMC Mathematical Biology Conference on
Kinetic models and traveling wave phenomenon in mathematical biology

Place: KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Daejeon, Korea
Dates: April 18 (Monday) - April 22 (Friday)

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This year's KAIST Mathematical Biology Conference is held in a format of mini-school.
Dates: 2016.04.18. ~ 2016.04.22.
Place: KAIST, Daejeon, Korea
Topics: Kinetic models and traveling wave phenomenon in mathematical biology
Registration Period : 2016.3.10 - 2016.03.31

Principal lecturers and lecture topics
Thomas Hillen (University of Alberta, Canada) will give 8 lectures on "Kinetic equations, scaling limits and applications in biology". His tentative lecture schedule is:(lecture notes: #1, #2)
1) Introduction, random walks, chemotaxis and kinetic models, 2) Correlated random walk in 1-D, applications to chemotaxis and swarming, 3) Transport equations, mathematical set up and Krasnoselskii's theorem, 4) The turning operator, Pearson walk and movement in a fibre network,
5) The diffusion limit, 6) Structure of the diffusion tensor, anisotropy and persistence, 7) The anisotropic case, 8) Applications to sea turtle navigation, wolf movement and brain tumor growth

Hiroshi Matano (University of Tokyo, Japan) will give 5 lectures on "Front propagation in reaction-diffusion systems". His tentative lecture schedule is:
1) KPP equation - backgrounds, 2) Traveling waves and spreading fronts in spatially periodic, KPP equations - part 1: Linear principle, variational formulation, optimal coefficients, 3) part 2: 2D stratified medium, spreading shape, related epidemic model, 4) Spreading fronts in prey-predator systems-part 1: formulation, main results, leading edge, intermediate zone, 5) part 2: final zone, Lyapunov functional, spatially periodic case, Wulff shape

Invited speakers and talk titles (Titles will be updated soon.)
Inkyung Ahn (Korea University) will talk on "Lotka-Volterra Competition and Predator-Prey model"
Sun-Ho Choi (Kyung Hee University) will talk on " "
Seung-Yeal Ha (Seoul National University) will talk on "Synchronization of classical and quantum oscillators"
Hyung Ju Hwang (POSTECH) will talk on " "
Kyungkeun Kang (Yonsei University) will talk on "Blowup and global solutions in a chemotaxis-growth system"
Ohsang Kwon (Chungbuk National University) will talk on "Evolution of dispersal with starvation measure and coexistence"

Sponsor: KAIST CMC