Yong Jung Kim
Department of Mathematical Sciences, KAIST
291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34141, Korea

LAB: 편미분방정식연구실
email: yongkim@kaist.edu.
phone 82-42-350-2739
fax 82-42-350-5710
Ph.D. 1999.08 Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, USA
M.S. 1990.02 Mathematics, Seoul National University
B.S. 1988.02 Mathematics, Seoul National University

2005.04~ Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor KAIST, Department of Mathematical Sciences
2015.03~2017.02 Joint Visiting Researcher National Institute for Mathematical Sciences
2011.02~2011.10 Visiting Professor East China Normal University, Shanghai, China
2004.09~2005.03 Visiting Assistant Professor University of California at Riverside, Department of Mathematics, USA
2003.08~2004.08 Post-doctoral Associate University of Toronto, Fields Institute, Canada
2002.09~2003.07 Research Professor Kyunghee University, Impedance Image Research Center
2001.09~2002.08 Visiting Assistant Professor University of Minnesota, Department of Mathematics, USA
1999.09~2001.08 Post-doctoral Associate University of Minnesota, Institute of Mathematics and its Application, USA

Research Topics
Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Biology

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Lecture Notes
4. A mathematical introduction to fluid mechanics (pdf file)
3. Notating strategy for systems of Partial differential equations (pdf file)
2. Option Pricing Modeling (pdf file)
1. Similarity & Scaling Invariance in Convection and Diffusion (pdf file)

Invited Intensive Lectures
Dates Event or Place Talk Titles
2017.04.14 Intensive Lecture Series at Center for PDE, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China 1: Migration strategies for biological organisms
2: Population dynamics with extinction
3: Inviscid traveling waves
2016.07.04 summer school during "Second French-Korean Conference in Mathematics University of Bordeaux, Institute of Mathematics" Mathematics in Fokker-Planck type diffusion (with a focus on math biology)
2011.08.17 Joong-Ang University Advection, Diffusion and Reaction
2011.07.25 Intensive Lecture Series at Center for PDE, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China Starvation Driven Diffusion
2011.07.05 Capital Normal University, China 1. Understanding of movements and thermodynamics
2. Movement of fluids and population modeling
3. Generalization of one sided inequalities.