Curricular Vitae



Ph. D.

  Feb. 2010

  Department of Mathematical Sciences, KAIST

  Thesis Title Harmonic Bz Algorithms in Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography (MREIT) and Related Studies

  Thesis Advisor Lee, Chang-Ock

M. S.

  Aug. 2004

  Division of Applied Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, KAIST

B. S.

  Aug. 2001

  Mathematical Education, Chonbuk National University, KOREA

Research Interest

  Mathematical Image Processing

  Scientific Computing and Numerical Methods

  Medical Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography

Jeon, Kiwan


Senior Researcher

Computational Mathematics and Imaging Research Team 

Division of Computational Mathematics,

National Institute for Mathematical Sciences,






Research Papers (Published)

  Ramp preserving denoising for conductivity image reconstruction in magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography, C.-O. Lee, K. Jeon, S. Ahn, H. J. Kim and E. J. Woo, IEEE Transaction on Biomedical Engineering, V. 58 (2011), pp. 2038-2050


  Integration of denoising, inpainting and local harmonic Bz algorithm for MREIT imaging of intact animals, K. Jeon, H. J. Kim, C.-O. Lee, J. K. Seo, and E. J. Woo, Physics in Medicine and Biology, V. 55 (2011) pp. 7541-7556


  MREIT conductivity imaging of postmortem canine abdomen using CoReHA, K. Jeon, A. S. Minhas, Y. T. Kim, W. C. Jeong, H. J. Kim, B. T. Kang, H. M. Park, C.-O. Lee, J. K. Seo, and E. J. Woo, Physiological Measurement, V. 30 (2009) pp. 957-966


   A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Elliptic Interface Problems with Application to Electroporation, G. Guyomarc'h and C.-O. Lee, and K. Jeon, Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering, V. 25 (2009) pp. 991-1008

  Local Harmonic Bz Algorithm with Domain Decomposition in MREIT: Computer Simulation Study, J.K. Seo, S.W. Kim, S. Kim, J. Liu, E.J. Woo, K. Jeon, and C.-O. Lee, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, V. 27 (2008) pp. 1754-1761   


  A variational approach to blending based on warping for non-overlapped image, C.-O. Lee, K. Jeon, Y. Ha and J. Hahn, Computer Vision and Image Understanding, V. 105 (2007) pp. 112-120

Research Papers (Submitted, In progress, or accepted)

  CoReHA 2.0: A Software package for in-vivo MREIT experiments, accepted

  Non-iterative Harmonic Bz Algorithm with Correction, in progress