Korea PDE School #5
Theme of 2015 winter: Mathematical theory of kinetic and fluid equations
Place: NIMS, Daejeon, Korea
Dates: 2015.02.09. ~ 2015.02.13.

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2015 PDE School Poster / PDE School General Information (En /Kr)
Abstracts : Ha, Seung-Yeal / Bae, Myoungjean / Yong-Kum Cho / Sunho Choi /
Doyoon Kim / Bongsuk Kwon / Ho Lee / Kyungwoo Song / Seok-Bae Yun /

The 5th Korea PDE school will be held as follows.
Dates: 2015.02.09. ~ 2015.02.13.
Place: NIMS, Daejeon, Korea
Topics: Mathematical theory of kinetic and fluid equations
Registration Period : 2014.12.01 - 2015.01.15

Principal lecturers and lecture topics
Seung-Yeal Ha (Seoul National University) will give 5 lectures on "Introduction to mathematical theory of kinetic equations" (lecture notes #1, #2, #3, #4, #5)
Lecture 1: Where do kinetic equations come from and why do we need to study ?
Lecture 2, 3: Basics of the Boltzmann equation
Lecture 4: From the Boltzmann equation to fluid equations
Lecture 5: Basics of the mean-field kinetic equations

Myoungjean Bae (POSTECH) will give 5 lectures on "Free Boundary Problem with Mixed type PDE: Transonic shocks" (lecture note)
Lecture 1. Introduction - Euler system for compressible flow / Derivation of Rankine-Hugoniot conditions / One dimensional transonic shock solution
Lecture 2. Normal shock in a rectangular domain / Potential flow / Hyperbolic-elliptic mixed type nonlinear PDE / Derivation of a free boundary problem
Lecture 3. Supersonic solution (Quick review on hyperbolic PDE)
Lecture 4. Subsonic solution (Quick review on Elliptic PDE)
Lecture 5. How to solve a transonic shock problem? (Open problems)

Invited speakers and talk titles
Yong-Kum Cho (Chung-Ang U) Infinite Energy Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation: Recent Developments
Sunho Choi (KAIST) Scattering and Modified scattering of the Vlasov-Poisson system
Doyoon Kim (Kyung Hee U) Elliptic and parabolic equations in Sobolev spaces
Bongsuk Kwon (UNIST) A brief review of shock and rarefaction waves in hyperbolic conservation laws
Ho Lee (Kyung Hee U) Global properties of solutions to the Einstein-Boltzmann system with Bianchi I symmetry
Kyungwoo Song (Kyung Hee U) Semi-hyperbolic patches and sonic lines of two-dimensional Riemann problems of Conservation laws
Seok-Bae Yun (Sung Kyun Kwan U) An introduction to BGK models